Message From The President

Sound management, creation of value, and partnership with the home region

Aiming to become the best partner bank for the collaborative creation of new value

Thank you for your continued patronage and support for The Joyo Bank, Ltd.

 On October 1, 2016, The Joyo Bank, Ltd. and Ashikaga Holdings Co., Ltd. completed a business integration, and stepped forward as Mebuki Financial Group Based on the enhanced customer base as well as relationships with local communities and customers through the business integration, we are proactively working toward sustainable regional growth.

Working toward solving regional issues

 The environment surrounding financial institutions is undergoing bigger changes than ever before, with a decreasing and aging population, changes in the profit environment alongside negative interest rate policies, and the emergence of FinTech. In order to respond to these changes in the environment, as well as accurately handle regional and customer issues, we are currently developing various initiatives.

 One of the initiatives implemented jointly with municipalities , we cooperated with the British Council, an institution promoting international cultural exchange between Mito and the UK, in manufacturing British-designed regional products as part of our efforts in strengthening the corporate competitiveness and creating profit.

 Regarding initiatives for creating new businesses, we awarded 28 business plans out of the 646 applications submitted in response to the 1st Mebuki Business Award, hosted jointly by The Joyo Bank, Ltd. and The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd. contributing to discovering potential innovative and creative business plans within the home region.

Expanding comprehensive financial services

 Moreover, in order to provide accurate responses to diverse customer needs, we are strengthening measures toward comprehensive financial services that can offer additional value. With the change of company names of our subsidiaries from The Joyo Lease Co., Ltd. and The Joyo Securities Co., Ltd. to Mebuki Lease Co., Ltd. and Mebuki Securities Co., Ltd. respectively in April this year, we made them direct subsidiaries of Mebuki Financial Group, Inc. in order to enrich our system that offers customers one-stop services. We also proactively developed various initiatives that effectively utilize our expanding business foundation through this business integration, such as organizing joint forums targeted at manufacturing and agri-business customers.

Celebrating the first anniversary of Mebuki Financial Group

 Thanks to your continued patronage, Mebuki Financial Group established through a business integration with Ashikaga Holdings Co., Ltd. celebrated its first anniversary. We sincerely thank our customers, local communities, and shareholders for their kind support and understanding.

 As the core bank of Mebuki Financial Group, The Joyo Bank, Ltd. together with all of our officers and employees, shall strive together to fulfill the expectations of our customers, local communities, and shareholders. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Kazuyoshi Terakado
October 2017