Corporate History

Year History
1935 July The Joyo Bank, Ltd. is established by merger of the Tokiwa Bank (headquartered in Mito) and Goju Bank (Tsuchiura), with a capital of ¥11,566,000. Head Office is in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture

Jin Kameyama becomes first president
1961 June Foreign exchange operations launched
1965 August Head Office Building completed
1969 February Bank shares listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1973 November Computerization of systems completed at all branches
1978 June Second round of computerization completed at all branches
1983 April Securities brokerage business launched (over-the-counter sales of government bonds, etc.launched)
1984 June Public bond operations launched
1993 October Trust services launched
1994 January New fully computerized system comes on stream
1996 May Shanghai Representative Office opened
1998 December Launch of investment trust sales
2002 September New York Branch closed
2005 May Securities brokerage operations launched
2005 October The bank-issued credit cards launched
2007 January Launch of joint computer system for regional banks
2007 November Securities brokerage operations launched as The Joyo Securities Co., Ltd.
2012 September Singapore Representative Office opened
2014 October New York Representative Office opened
2015 November Entered into basic agreement concerning the business integration with Ashikaga Holdings Co., Ltd.
2016 April Entered into definitive agreement concerning the business integration with Ashikaga Holdings Co., Ltd.
2016 October Business Integration with Ashikaga Holdings Co., Ltd. launched and Mebuki Financial Group, Inc. founded
2018 March Hanoi Representative Office opened
2021 January Investment business launched as The Joyo Capital Partners Co., Ltd.