Message From The President

Sound management, creation of value, and partnership with the home region

Aiming to become the best partner bank for the collaborative creation of new value

I thank you for your continued support and patronage.

I would also like to offer my deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by the spread of COVID-19 and express my respect and gratitude to the many people, including medical personnel, who are working hard to prevent the spread of infection.

As the impact of the spread of COVID-19 becomes prolonged, the Joyo Bank group is committed to not only providing financial support to our customers, but also to providing versatile support to help resolve the various issues faced by our customers in the local region.

The environment surrounding us is undergoing major lifestyle, economic, and social changes, triggered by the global spread of COVID-19 and other major trends such as the declining birthrate, aging population, changes in industrial and work structures, and the transition to a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society.

Amid such an environment, the Bank, together with Mebuki Financial Group Inc., The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., and other group companies, has formulated "Long-Term Vision 2030" in order to realize sustainable growth together with the local community. The long-term vision is based on our desire to "continue to create new value by working together with local stakeholders to solve their various issues" and to "contribute to the realization of sustainable local communities through value creation, and remain an essential presence in local communities," and we aim to be "a value creation group working together with local communities" in 2030.

In order to realize our Long-Term Vision 2030, we have positioned the "Third Medium-Term Group Business Plan," which started in April of this year, as a "period for taking on challenges for sustainable growth," and will contribute to the realization of sustainable local communities and increase corporate value by pursuing the following three basic strategies: "pursuing a business model to support local communities," "building a sustainable management base," and "developing human resources and promoting active participation."

Looking ahead, we at The Joyo Bank, Ltd., together with all of our officers and employees, will do our utmost to fulfill the expectations of our customers and the local region. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

Tetsuya Akino, President
April 2022