Message From The President

Sound management, creation of value, and partnership with the home region

Aiming to become the best partner bank for the collaborative creation of new value

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

Under a prolonged monetary easing policy and the entry of new competitors, the environment surrounding local financial institutions is increasingly severe in traditional banking businesses such as deposits and loans. Furthermore, the spread of COVID-19 had a great impact on economic activities and caused changes in our daily lives and our actions.

Amid such an environment, the Bank, together with Mebuki Financial Group, Inc. and The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., is developing various measures based on the 2nd Medium-Term Business Plan started in April 2019, in which the Group has set out a goal aimed at “building the region's future as a comprehensive financial services group”.

While working toward solving further diversifying issues regional customers are facing, we are making the utmost effort to support our customers’ further growth, as well as to support customers affected by the spread of COVID-19, through the utilization of digital technology and the realization of our consulting function. The Bank, by providing these smooth financial services, will contribute to regional sustainable growth (achievement of SDGs).

Looking ahead, we at The Joyo Bank, Ltd., together with all of our officers and employees, will do our utmost to fulfill the expectations of our customers and the region. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

Ritsuo Sasajima, President
June 2021